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All-Flash Enterprise Storage for Under $10K

Limited-Time Q2 Pricing

Limited Time Discount on TrueNAS

Prepare for 2020 storage growth with great prices on a number of ready-to-ship TrueNAS systems.

TrueNAS X10-HA comes with 11 TB of enterprise-grade flash storage and is ideal for office file sharing or virtualization. With low TCO and capability of up to 2 gigabytes per second, this entry-level system is just $9,900. Double the capacity with an optional upgrade for just $14,900
Backed by dual 40 GbE networking, this TrueNAS M40-HA provides a massive petabyte of highly-available storage capacity for just $69,900. That’s less than 7 cents per GB! Each controller is equipped with an NVDIMM read cache and 128 GB RAM to help this system deliver outstanding TCO without sacrificing performance. An optional upgrade to TrueNAS M50-HA for double the capacity and dual 100 GbE networking is available for just $139,000.

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As a Preferred partner with over a decade of experience deploying enterprise-grade storage solutions tailored specifically to our client’s requirements, we guarantee the absolute best in price and service.

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