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TrueNAS Quarterly Specials

All-Flash Enterprise Storage Quarterly Specials from iXsystems

Limited-Time Q1 Pricing

Limited Time Discount on TrueNAS

Are you staring at a list of new projects and initiatives for 2021 and wondering how you’ll accomplish them? We’re here to help in Q1 with promotional pricing on two hand-selected TrueNAS configurations.

Get 42 TB of All-Flash high-availability storage for $18,900. With industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and 99.999% uptime, this compact, entry-level TrueNAS X10-HA system is perfect for file-sharing or video editing.

The industry’s fastest ZFS system is also the most dense. Backed by 2 x 102-bay expansion shelves, this TrueNAS M60-HA system delivers an incredible 4 PB of raw storage capacity in 12U for less than 7 cents/GB. With dual 100 gigabit networking, 32 cores, and 756 GB RAM per controller, this system ensures up to 99.999% uptime and is ideal for video editing, archives, backups, or scientific data. For additional storage, the TrueNAS M60-HA scales up to 22 PB on a single head unit while delivering the highest storage density in the industry at 90+% lower cost than AWS S3.

These systems are ready to ship and be deployed to meet your schedule. Not sure which system is right for you or need help configuring your TrueNAS system, schedule a call with our storage engineers today.

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