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Enterprise-Grade Cloud Services

  • Managed Backup
  • Secure Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Hosting

Enterprise-Grade Reliability

  • Efficient TN-TN replication
  • Enterprise-grade customer support
  • Single point of contact for on-premise and remote storage
  • Seamless integration of Adjacent Cloud Services

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TrueNAS X10

504 TB of Max Capacity (Raw)
1.26 PB of Max Effective Capacity
Flash + Disk
Up to 400 GB of Reading Flash/Writing Cache
40TB X10HA starting at $12K

TrueNAS X20

1 PB of Max Capacity (Raw)
2.5 PB of Max Effective Capacity
Flash + Disk
Up to 800 GB of Reading Flash/Writing Cache
40TB X20HA starting at $16K

TrueNAS M40

2 PB of Max Capacity (Raw)
5 PB of Max Effective Capacity
Flash + Disk
R: SSD Up to 2.4TB
132TB M40HA starting at $33K

TrueNAS M50

10.4 PB of Max Capacity (Raw)
26 PB of Max Effective Capacity
Flash + Disk
R: SSD Up to 15TB NVMe
132TB M50HA starting at $50K

ZFS-based Enterprise Open Source Storage

Storage Architecture


  • POC – M40HA with 68TB BU storage in single 8+2 VDEV
  • Support TN-TN replication and Veeam/VMWare/Asigra Backup
  • Integrated Client Portal for status and monitoring. Self provisioning later
  • Client segmentation via Network Function Virtualization
  • VDEVs added based on customer demand
  • Offsite FreeNAS for clients wanting second copy, may be replaced by M40 over time
  • TrueCommand for Internal Operations and Management
  • M40s added as needed

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About TrueNASreseller.com

Techgardens is a leading systems integrator and authorized reseller of iXsystems’ TrueNAS products. We have been in business for over a decade, deploying IT solutions to enterprise clients all over the world. As preferred iXsystems reseller partner, we guarantee the absolute best possible pricing and technical support for our customers.

Techgardens was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in New York City. We specialize in IT consulting, cyber security, network infrastructure, enterprise storage, and cloud computing solutions. Techgardens selects the best technology to appropriately match IT solutions that provide efficiency and return on investment. TechgardensOur team of engineers design and build customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers; exceeding their expectations.


Our technical team has over 50 years of combined experience working in the financial, healthcare, education, government, legal, manufacturing, media, energy and retail verticals. We are staffed with CISSPs, Network Engineers and Systems Administrators with offices in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We serve customers and industries throughout the US. 

Techgardens full complement of enterprise storage solutions include:

  • TrueNAS X10 series
  • TrueNAS X20 series
  • TrueNAS M40 series
  • TrueNAS M50 series
  • TrueNAS high availability

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