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Meet the Family.

From the datacenter to the home, we offer it

Meet the Family.

From the Datacenter to the Home, We Offer It

TrueNAS: Flash-Assisted Unified Storage for Any Enterprise Workload

TrueNAS is available as a Flash-Assisted Hybrid or All-Flash Array. Both have blazing performance, share the same work-flow, and act as a SAN, NAS, and object storage server, meeting the needs of any enterprise workload. TrueNAS offers High Availability to continue providing file and block services in the unlikely event of a failure. Every TrueNAS model supports storage controller redundancy, hot spares, and redundant power. This enables TrueNAS to provide non-disruptive firmware updates and around-the-clock services with zero downtime.

FreeNAS Certified Servers:
Preinstalled With The World’s Most Popular
Storage OS

For non-mission-critical data, or businesses with lighter workloads that don’t mind supporting their own systems but don’t want the hassle of with selecting, building, and configuring their own hardware, iXsystems provides a portfolio of FreeNAS Certified Servers that are ready to deploy.

FreeNAS Mini: The World’s Best Storage Software and The Best Hardware

For the home and small office we created a desktop solution powerful enough to support ZFS, yet compact and affordable for usage. iXsystems provides the ready-to-deploy FreeNAS Mini, which is unmatched by anything in its class. There’s nothing even close.

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About TrueNASreseller.com

Techgardens is a preferred partner as designated by iX systems. We will partner with you to provide your company with the best support and the best price possible. iX systems does not sell TrueNAS products directly to customers, rather they only use resellers to sell their products.

Techgardens has been providing storage solutions to enterprise clients for over a decade.  We understand the technology, the product, and how it is used today. We will help design your solution holistically based on your specific needs taking in to consideration your application, storage requirements, performance requirements, and budget.

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TrueNAS can only be purchased through an authorized IXSystem’s partner.

As a Preferred partner with over a decade of experience deploying enterprise-grade storage solutions tailored specifically to our client’s requirements, we guarantee the absolute best in price and service.

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