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– Q&A on the TrueNAS Platforms
– Storage Use Case
– IT environment
– Storage space (Current and Future)
– Performance Requirements (IOPS and latency)
– Data Durability (RAID, Spares, and BU planning)
– Budget

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Why Choose Techgardens?

iXsystem’s only sells TrueNAS through channel partners.  Techgardens is a “Preferred” global TrueNAS® partner enabling us to provide the absolute best storage pricing and technical support.   Techgardens works with their clients holistically at the application level to ensure the storage solution is optimized to meet both technical and business requirements.

We work closely with iXSystem’s on every proposal to verify technical compliance and pricing.  Techgardens has been supporting enterprise clients for over a decade.  Lastly, we promise no iXsystem’s partner works with their customers as closely and with as much care as Techgardens. is a subsidiary of Techgardens and an authorized reseller of iXsystems TrueNAS ®products.

We can be reached at 833-TrueNAS or via email at

Why Choose TrueNAS®?

iXsystem’s TrueNAS® family of hybrid storage arrays is the most flexible and affordable enterprise-grade storage solution on the market today. TrueNAS® is based on the FreeNAS , the worlds #1 storage OS with over 10 million downloads, and is developed, built, and supported in the USA ensuring seamless hardware and software quality control. TrueNAS® is a unified storage array that is available in hybrid and all-flash configurations that delivers a comprehensive feature set and capacities up to 10.5PB. TrueNAS system uses TrueCache™ technology to provide blazing I/O performance while providing a high level of throughput and consistent sub-millisecond latencies.

For clients requiring HIPAA or ePHI compliance, TrueNAS® adds continuous data integrity validation, data-at-rest and in-flight encryption, and immutable snapshots to mitigate data tampering. Additionally, integration with Asigra secure backup will prevent malware from infecting the backup files.

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